La Fabrique du Vivant
Mutations/Creations 3
February 20, 2019 – April 15, 2019
Centre Pompidou, Paris, France


Seeing the forest through the trees
AND (Abandon Normal Devices Festival)
September 18 – December 6, 2015
Grizedale Forest, Lake District, United Kingdom

Art and Science, Engineering, and Medicine Frontier Collaborations: Ideation, Translation & Realization
National academies Keck Futures Initiative (NAKFI)
November 12 – 15, 2016
Beckman Center, Irvine, Ca, US

Co-PI of a NAKFI proposal awarded $100,000 in seed funding by The National Academies of Sciences and Keck Foundation.

capacity at cam
august 1 – 28, 2015
common area maintenance, seattle, WA, US

ARTsySTEM: The Changing Climate of Arts and Sciences
march 19 – August 1, 2015
NehmA(Nora Eccles Harrison museum of art) Logan, Ut, US

Digital Kaleidoscopes of nature: Art workshop
July 11, 2015
Summer at SAM, Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle, Wa, US

Bio-Fiction Film Screening and panel discussion
May 2015
Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, WA, US

Actuals Create New Adjacent Possibles
April 2015
Tippets Gallery, Logan, UT, US


Biodesign: On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity
September 2013 – May 2014
Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Intimate science
February 6 – April 15, 2014
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center (SJDC)
Parsons The New School for Design, New York, NY, US


Intimate science
September 14 – December 7, 2013
Paul and Lulu Hilliard University Art Museum
University of Louisiana, Lafayette, LA, US

Intimate science
May 31 – August 18, 2013
Williamson Gallery, Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, CA, US

Intimate science
November 3, 2012 – March 21, 2013
Real Art Ways, Hartford, CT, US


Mutamorphosis, tribute to uncertainty: conference panelist
December 6-8, 2012
CIANT, prague, CZech Republic

Free Lunch
July 20 – 22, 2012
capitol hill block party, Ghost gallery, Seattle, WA, US

Intimate science
April 20 – June 2, 2012
Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, US

Intimate science
Jan. 21 – March 4, 2012
Miller Gallery at Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA, US

The most recent manifestation of artists working at the intersection of art, science and technology demonstrates a distinctly autodidactic, heuristic approach to understanding the physical and natural world. Intimate Science features artists who are engaged in non-disciplinary inquiry; they aren’t allied to the customs of any single field, and therefore have license to reach beyond conventions. This kind of practice hinges on up-close observation, experiential learning, and inventing new ways for the public to participate in the process. And through their engagement with “intimate science,” a more knowledgeable public might well be able to influence what research is supported and adopted by the larger culture, and the walls of science can become more transparent.

Curated by Andrea Grover. Artists: BCL, Center for PostNatural History, Markus Kayser, Allison Kudla, Machine Project, Philip Ross


Analogue is the new digital
2011 – present
Online exhibition for ACM SIggraph, Digital arts community (DAC)

Capacity for (urban eden, human error)
April – May 2011
Kapelica Gallery, Ljubljana, SLovenia

Nostalgia, Pride and fear
March – April 2011
Gallery BMB, Mumbai, India

Alter nature: We Can
November 2010 – march 2011
z33, Hasselt, belgium


Ars electronica festival 2010: repair
September 2 – 11, 2010
OK Center, Tabak Fabrik, linz, Austria

There’s no time left for warnings. We’re in it up to our necks right now—in the climate crisis, Surveillance Society, the bankruptcy of the financial sector … We’ve passed the points of no return. The dramatic consequences are looming on the horizon today. And there’s no excuse for our lethargy since we already possess ideas, tools and techniques to initiate a change of course. We just have to take action! Roll up our sleeves and get to work on a job that can no longer be avoided. We have to mend our ways and get things moving in the right direction.

In search of ways out of this mess we’ve gotten into, the 2010 Festival for Art, Technology and Society turns to the pioneers of our age. Not the adventurers who’ve sailed forth because they wanted to find out what awaits them on the other side, but rather the visionaries who are bringing expertise as well as a great deal of creativity and idealism to bear in their work on an alternative future. repair is the title of a festival designed to pursue the paths opened up by these trailblazers and to show why it’s imperative for us to follow their lead …

When process becomes paradigm
april 23 – september 27, 2010
laboral, gijon, spain

Before the background of unforeseen global processes, credit crash and climate change, the exhibition el proceso como paradigma researches the nature of processes and self organising, processual systems on a cultural level and in the arts. el proceso como paradigma puts forward the idea that today processes have become one of the major paradigms and creative strategies in contemporary art and design across the disciplines. The show reveals the elementary shift from a culture based on the concept of manifestation and the final product to a culture of process resulting from a networked society. Consequently, the show introduces a new understanding of process-based art which goes beyond previous definitions. el proceso como paradigma suggests that the new process-based art is the art of the 21st century.

Curated by Susanne Jaschko and Lucas Evers.

Artists: Jelte van Abbema, Ralf Baecker, boredomresearch, Gregory Chatonsky, Adrián Cuervo, Ursula Damm, Driessens & Verstappen, Peter Flemming, Isabelle Jenniches, Roman Kirschner, Allison Kudla, Manu Luksch & Mukul Patel, Aymeric Mansoux & Marloes de Valk, Luna Maurer, Marta de Menezes, Henrik Menné, Leo Peschta, Julius Popp, C.E.B. Reas, RYBN, Warren Sack, Antoine Schmitt, Ralf Schreiber, Jan-Peter E.R. Sonntag.

Laboratory support by The University of Oviedo in Asturias, Spain.

Interactivos?’10: Neighborhood Science
June 2010
Medialab Prado, Madrid, Spain

Her work is never done II
march 26 – april 17, 2010
gallery bmb, Mumbai, India


kerfuffle (or the uneasy relationship between humanity and the environment)
September 4 – 7, 2009
seattle center, bumbershoot festival, seattle, Wa, us

Etymology: alteration of carfuffle, from Scots car- (probably from Scottish Gaelic cearr wrong, awkward) + fuffle to become disheveled
Kerfuffle is an uncompromising look at the environmental mess we have created in our world, the awkward tension the problem has created, and a search for answers in starting anew. We examine exactly how many plastic bottles the United States consumes within five minutes and the light pollution caused by the world’s major economic and political centers. What does one man’s garbage look like after one year’s time? Should we pack our bags and relocate to the unclaimed lands of Antarctica? Or can we change our ways and grow new cities with green, living matter? This exhibition is an exploration of the challenge we face along with many creative possibilities.

Curated by Chris Weber and Lele Barnett.

Artists: Vaughn Bell, Joseph Gray, Chris Jordan, Allison Kudla, Paul D. Miller (a/k/a DJ Spooky), Karen Rudd, Christina Seely, Brent Watanabe, Kuros Zahedi.


descours 2008
december 2008
pharmacy museum
American institute of architects, New Orleans, LA, us

artbots: the robot talent show
september 2008
science gallery, Dublin, Ireland

a matter of meaning
august 2008
mcleod residence, Seattle, WA, us


descours 2007
december 2007
french quarter courtyard
American institute of architects, New Orleans, LA, us

perthdac (digital arts and culture)
september 2007
embodiment and presence conference,
paper and presentation, perth, Australia
published in leonardo electronic almanac