Jaaga (meaning “space” in Kannada), based in Bangalore, India, seeks to nurture innovative endeavors by providing space, core infrastructure, and a diverse social environment. Born in August 2009 from a desire to bring the arts and technology communities closer together, Jaaga explores new ways of using pallet-rack shelving to create a modular and mobile community space in a dense urban landscape to foster innovation.

The Living Building project seeks to extend the notion of the pallet-rack shelving as the skeleton of the living building by evolving the metaphor and design philosophy to include other organs such as tissue made of living vertical and rooftop gardens and a cascading aquaponic farm, a circulatory system complete with rainwater harvesting and hydroponic drip irrigation, a digestive system that houses worms which generate compost out of our organic waste, a metabolic system responsible for taking the energy harvested from our solar panels to light our space, connect us with wireless internet, and drive the pumps that circulate our harvested water. Eventually the Living Building will even develop a nervous system that senses and communicates. It is the intent that with each iteration of growth the building comes one step closer to reaching full consciousness.

This project was created as a collaboration. Learn more about it here.

living building