State of Becoming takes its form from the mathematical patterns expressed by ‘phyllotaxy’, the natural arrangement of leaves on a plant stem. Many plants arrange their leaf growth in a spiral pattern equivalent to the Golden Angle or Fibonacci series. It has been posited that such patterns are not due to genetic or developmental forces but to physical laws that underpin all matter in our universe. In this installation, this mathematical pattern is laid flat in space but not in time, allowing the viewer to look at states of seed development, each existing in its own microscopic universe within a swirling nebula of life. The growth of each seedling is coupled to the macroscopic progression of the mathematics expressed in the underlying phyllotaxic pattern.






This project was presented at AND Festival as part of “Seeing the Forest Through the Trees”, curated by Monika Bakke.

“Plants are information processing organisms that operate collectively as networks”

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